• Erimo sliding folding door wardrobe 9 drawers 254cm

    Dimesnions: H225 x W254 x D65 cm

    Introducing ERIMO 254cm bi-folding hinge door wardrobe. Its front finish offers a range of colours, including basalt, white, silk grey glass, or the option to add a mirrored middle. This wardrobe has 9 built-in drawers, 3 adjustable shelves, and rails for convenience.

  • Erimo sliding folding door wardrobe 6 drawers 254cm

    Dimesnions: H225 x W254 x D65 cm

    Introducing the 254cm wardrobe. It features two generously spaced side compartments and a centred narrow compartment, cleverly combining bi-folding and hinged doors. Choose a carcass finish in either white, graphite, silk grey or artisan oak. It comes with 6 built-in drawers.

  • Erimo sliding folding door wardrobe 3 drawers 254cm

    Dimesnions: H225 x W254 x D65 cm

    ERIMO 254cm luxury wardrobe: Customizable with folding hinged doors, carcass finish options, and mirrors. Inside, standard sections with shelves, rails, and three drawers provide ample storage.

  • Erimo sliding folding door wardrobe 6 large drawers 204cm

    Dimesnions: H225 x W204 x D65 cm

    This 204cm folding door wardrobe offers ample storage with two roomy compartments featuring shelves and hanging rails, plus six generous bottom drawers. Customize it with glass door finishes in white, silk grey, or basalt to suit your style.

  • Erimo sliding folding door wardrobe 6 small drawers 204cm

    Dimesnions: H225 x W204 x D65 cm

    This 204 cm wardrobe features folding and two hinged doors, and inside, you’ll find three compartments with shelves and rails, with the option to expand with extras. Additionally, it includes six soft-closing drawers. You can also choose to add a mirror to the middle doors.

  • Erimo sliding folding door wardrobe 3 drawers 204cm

    Dimesnions: H225 x W204 x D65 cm

    This 204cm wardrobe combines one sliding folding door and two hinged doors, featuring three integrated drawers, all included in the package price with assembly. Customize it with coloured glass in white, silk grey, or basalt options, and add mirrors to enhance style.



About Rauch Wardrobes

Rauch wardrobes seamlessly blend style and practicality, making them an ideal addition to any home. Crafted from high-quality materials, these wardrobes ensure durability and longevity. Available in various sizes, Rauch wardrobes offer a customizable solution for your storage needs, equipped with features such as shelves, drawers, and ample hanging space.

As the largest European provider of closet and bedroom programs, Rauch prides itself on fostering close and efficient partnerships with retailers. The company prioritizes efficient logistics, ensuring the shortest delivery times and maintaining a commitment to unparalleled customer service. The overarching goal at Rauch is clear: “Making living more beautiful and easier.”

Rooted in over 125 years of family tradition, Rauch’s journey began as a small carpentry business. Today, it stands as the largest European provider of wardrobe and bedroom programs, boasting four production sites in Germany. The company’s evolution reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and a dedication to constant development.

Rauch’s commitment to quality is not only affirmed by independent bodies but also extends to its sustainable production methods, recognized through multiple awards. Taking responsibility across all production sites, Rauch sets high standards, ensuring both the quality of their furniture and their environmental impact align with their values.

Home Delivery and Installation

Rauch surpasses expectations by offering a comprehensive home delivery and installation service. Crafted to streamline the experience for customers, this service is seamlessly incorporated into the pricing structure. Through collaborations with four reputable furniture delivery and assembly companies, Rauch extends its full-service package to customers in southern and northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.

Rauch EASY SLIDE 2.0 sliding door

A new generation of running rail door technology. No pre-assembly is necessary due to one-piece fitting. Simplified handling and assembly of the running rail. Optimized running properties due to axial and radial rollers in each guide unit. Spring-loaded roller unit for levelling out uneven floors. Height adjustment from the zero line to +/- 6mm is possible (12 mm total). Handling and assembly are tested for durability (DIN standard EN 15706, 80.000 cycles).

Affordable and attractive design

Rauch ranges embodies a fusion of quality, functionality, and variety. Customers can explore a collection of enduring, high-quality furniture boasting a timeless design. The extensive range offers a diverse selection of models and features, allowing individuals to choose precisely what suits their preferences. With attractive front designs and a myriad of options for colours, decors, and functions, Rauch furniture provides ample flexibility.

Moreover, Rauch Furniture stands out for offering products that are not only stylish and durable but also affordable, ensuring excellent value for money. This commitment to affordability makes their furniture accessible to a wide range of customers without compromising on quality and design.

100% Made in Germany

With a heritage dating back to 1897, Rauch furniture consistently upholds excellent brand quality. Sourced from a proven, multi-certified, and sustainable production process, it proudly carries the label “Made in Germany.”

Sustainability assured

Every piece of Rauch furniture originates from a sustainable, multi-certified production process. The use of fresh, weak, and broken woods is exclusively sourced from domestically managed forests that adhere to sustainable practices.

10 year warranty

Ensuring your trust is valued, Rauch provides additional security and reliability with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Blue Angel -Rauch ensures its products are characterized by low emissions, prioritizing environmental responsibility. From a health perspective, furniture is recognized for its harmlessness in the living environment. Rauch exclusively sources wood from local, sustainable forestry, utilizing it in a resource-saving manner. The company’s dedication to environmental sustainability is affirmed by the environmental label, bestowed by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation in collaboration with the Federal Environment Agency.

Golden M – Rauch takes pride in the recognition of its furniture’s quality, safety, and commitment to health and environmental protection. The “Golden M” quality mark, awarded to all furniture in the Rauch product lines, signifies that each piece meets stringent criteria for excellence. This assurance extends to thorough testing, superior craftsmanship, durability, and guaranteed safety and stability, ensuring carefree living and confidence in your furniture purchases. The prestigious “Golden M” is bestowed by the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM), which rigorously monitors and evaluates the high standards through regular testing.

Made in Germany – the origin guarantee for furniture purchases assures that the furniture, originating from Germany, adheres to clearly defined criteria. It mandates that the construction, assembly, and quality testing of the furniture occur exclusively within Germany. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes relevant to quality must also be conducted within Germany.
TÜV (Tested Safety) – A prominent safety symbol in Europe, the furniture adorned with the “Tested Safety” label adheres to all standards for strength, stability, and child-friendly safety. This GS mark serves as a dependable recognition for functional safety, ensuring the protection of the little ones.

German Sustainability Award – Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH achieved a significant milestone by being recognized as “Germany’s most sustainable medium-sized company” in 2014, bestowed by the German Sustainability Prize Foundation. This prestigious award, emblematic of Europe’s largest acknowledgment for ecological and social commitment, fuels our pride and serves as a driving force to perpetually enhance and evolve our sustainable practices and production methods in the future.

Climate Pact – Committed to climate protection, Rauch joined the “Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry” initiative by the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) in 2022. As a member, Rauch diligently accounts for its greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the collective efforts of the furniture industry. The DGM climate pact is a collaborative initiative within the furniture sector aimed at advancing the climate protection objectives of the United Nations (UN).

FSC – Rauch Group ensures guaranteed sustainable forestry practices through its FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification. This certification assures that the use of forests aligns with the social, economic, and ecological needs of both current and future generations. All companies within the Rauch Group adhere to the stringent requirements of the FSC® forest certification system, reinforcing the commitment to responsible and sustainable forestry.

PEFC – Ensuring sustainable forest management is a vital component of our corporate philosophy, emphasizing a holistic approach to environmental protection. The Rauch Group places significant importance on the sustainable and responsible utilization of forest resources and the valuable raw material, wood, throughout the entire processing chain. In alignment with these principles, all companies within the Rauch Group are certified according to the rigorous standards of the PEFC forest certification system. This certification underscores our commitment to environmentally conscious and responsible practices across their operations.

ISO 50001 – this certification signifies Rauch’s dedication to continually optimizing energy requirements and employing resource-saving practices with non-renewable energy sources in both production plants and administration. The Rauch Group implemented an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 across its operations in 2012, showcasing our commitment to efficient and sustainable energy practices.

Alliance for Quality – serves as a collaborative initiative between the furniture trade and the furniture industry, working towards the ongoing enhancement of quality within the furnishing sector to elevate customer satisfaction. The symbol associated with this initiative represents attributes such as high product quality, streamlined logistics, and elevated assembly standards.

Germany Test Award – Rauch receives the prestigious title of a test winner. In collaboration with Germany Test, the rating and ranking agency ServiceValue recognizes companies for their sustainable commitment. As consumers increasingly prioritize the origin of products and other sustainability criteria, these factors play a crucial role in influencing purchasing behaviour. These variables have become significant considerations consciously taken into account by consumers when making purchasing decisions.



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