When you contemplate sliding wardrobe design ideas, you no longer need to envision the big, bulky dresser-style pieces of yesteryears. Wardrobes have undergone a significant transformation, now seamlessly combining functionality and design. In fact, there is such a wide variety of sliding wardrobes available today that it can be overwhelming to explore all your options in one place and narrow them down to the perfect fit for your home. From contemporary sliding wardrobes to customisable choices and classic selections, we’ve gathered a multitude of design ideas to assist you in finding the ideal piece. There are numerous sizes, styles, and colours to choose from, and we’ve made it convenient for you to locate them should you wish to make a purchase. Take a look and explore the possibilities!

1. Choose a mirrored wardrobe

This beautiful Nizza wardrobe features 2 adjustable shelves and 1 hanging rail in each compartment behind the mirrored doors. The mirrored doors can be closed to keep everything neatly organized. Whether you use it to store your clothes or items that need a home, this wardrobe is a versatile choice for any room. The full-length mirrors not only add a touch of elegance but also create the illusion of a larger space, enhancing the overall tidiness of your area.

2. Fit a slim wardrobe in a tight space


This slim wardrobe is a good choice for those places that may not have a lot of space. It comes with a standard design of 2 shelves and 1 hanging rail. You can add extras to customise this wardrobe to make it fit your needs.  The 2 sliding doors open toward the centre. This means you don’t need additional space for this piece. 

3. Go for a mixed-media wardrobe

If you like to have a say in your wardrobe design, this is a great pick for you. This customizable wardrobe is a mix of contemporary and modern with a combination of wood and chrome/slate. There are many choices to make with this wardrobe. The first choice is door panels. Then you have 7 different carcass options to choose from. After that, you choose your door from 7 choices (glass or matt). Finally, you add any extras you may want to add. 

4. Choose a seamless sliding wardrobe design


This luxurious wardrobe may be big, but it seems to fade into the background thanks to its streamlined design. It is perfect for those with large bedrooms who want to bring that contemporary, high-end look in. There is an abundance of storage room in this piece with 3 compartments. Each compartment has its own shelves and a rail. This wardrobe can be customised with extras added. You can also choose to have the front doors be full graphite or have half and half. 

5. Go for a synchro sliding wardrobe design


Thinking outside the box, this large wardrobe would be a great addition to an office, an artist’s studio, or a his-and-hers closet alternative in a primary bedroom. It has shelves, drawers and hanging rods. There are 8 sizes that you can choose from. You can personalise it further by choosing the carcass, the front finish, the non-mirror door panels and the extras you want to add. This is an investment worth making!

6. Say yes to the organic modern style


Fresh and modern, this freestanding wardrobe offers a sleek exterior with an adaptable interior. With optional glass or champagne doors, this piece is built to provide the perfect look to compliment any bedroom. Optional drawers, trouser holders, and both sliding and swing doors make this wardrobe both stylish and functional. The champagne option allows freestanding units to provide natural light to any space.

7. Capitalise on the wood trend

SIENNA sliding 4 door wardrobe


Wood furnishings and finishes are experiencing a major resurgence this year, and this all-natural sliding wardrobe is the perfect example of why. This oak-finished wardrobe boasts the same storage capacity of many walk-in wardrobes. The four sliding doors open to reveal 58cm depth and multiple shelving units. Optional motion-activated lights can instantly provide a wide selection of clothing. Designed to fit with a modern naturalist look, this wardrobe offers optional cornices to tie into existing interior decor.

8. Add little luxuries to your sliding wardrobe 


Exuding a sleek and modern design, this wardrobe offers a range of storage options and practical enhancements. Its outer compartments are more compact, leaving room for two spacious central compartments. You can choose between a matte or glass finish. Inside, you’ll find eight adjustable shelves and four hanging rails, providing ample customization. The wardrobe is equipped with high-end bi-folding and hinged doors for added convenience.

9. Reflect the room


Looking to optimize your wardrobe storage in a small space? The two mirrored doors of this wardrobe not only enhance the visual depth of any room but also offer convenient access to the entire unit. The white colour choice provides an excellent contrast that softens the lines and imparts a warm ambience to the space. Inside, you’ll discover two spacious compartments featuring eight shelves and two hanging rails for efficient organization.

10. Pick a simple wardrobe with big potential 


This wardrobe is furnished with two sliding doors and offers abundant storage capacity. The graphite matte finish not only adds a touch of style but also makes cleaning a breeze. With a width of 200cm, it effortlessly fits into most bedroom spaces. One of the doors features a mirror. You have the option to select from black, graphite, or white finishes to suit your preference.

11. Pick a high-contrast piece


A dark grey and white combination creates modern interest in any room. Not only that but with two compartments and sliding doors, it can be positioned in narrower spots than many other options. The dark graphite exterior hides two deep compartments with multiple options for shelves, rails, and interior lights. This wardrobe combines space with affordability. The clean white lines offer a fusion of function and taste.

12. Choose a wardrobe with lots of options


Distinguishing itself from many other wardrobes, this one offers a wide array of storage options. It comprises four compartments, each equipped with 2 adjustable shelves and 1 rail. Comes with 6 drawers and the additional possibility to include extra drawers within the wardrobe. This diversity of options permits a wide range of layout configurations. With its sleek and functional design, this wardrobe seamlessly integrates into any bedroom without being obtrusive. Furthermore, you have the choice of adding mirrors and interior lighting to enhance its functionality.

13. Push the limits of a two-door wardrobe


The two sliding doors hide three compartments, two large and two small. This wardrobe boasts greater storage space than most other two-door wardrobes. Optional drawers make this a perfect option for all storage needs.

14. Get the most from a big space with an extra large wardrobe design


This glass champagne wardrobe is a versatile addition that can complement any room in the house. While it’s typically used for clothing storage, its adaptability allows it to find a place in a kitchen or dining room as well. With various customization options available, you can tailor this wardrobe to your specific needs. Its dimensions ensure that storage space will never be a concern.

15. Go for clean lines


Clean lines give this wardrobe an angelic feel. Multiple exterior options provide a unique build for each room. With three large compartments and sliding doors, this wardrobe manages to look sleek without dominating a space. The long list of options allows this wardrobe to be custom-built for each individual customer.

16. Make a modern statement with your wardrobe



Slim and sleek, this wardrobe fits perfectly in multiple settings. Sliding doors give a narrow profile so it is not limited to open area placement. Optional lighting runs provide a modern appeal. However, the soft glow of the panels provides a light, airy feel. Additionally, mirrors can be substituted for any of the doors.

17. Make a statement with your sliding wardrobe


This beautiful wardrobe adds both form and function to a room. Perfectly built for the bedroom, this wardrobe comes with a variety of storage options. The central sections contain a traditional rail bar with a pair of shelves, while the outer compartments have four drawers and a short hanging bar. Custom exteriors help the wardrobe fit in any setting.

18. Maximise storage in a small space


This wardrobe offers flexibility and a clean feel for any style of bedroom. The oak and glass finish provides a durable exterior that cleans well and provides functional yet simple elegance. Hidden inside the wardrobe are 2 adjustable shelves and 1 hanging rail per each compartment. When coupled with the three drawers of the bureau, this set contains unmatched storage for the space.

19. Go grey



Blending practicality and convenience, the interior layout of the wardrobe is both ingenious and user-friendly. It includes two generously spaced side compartments and a narrower central compartment. This same level of functionality extends to the wardrobe’s six roomy drawers, further enhancing its dynamic utility.

20. Coordinate your bedroom with a luxury wardrobe


For this wardrobe, you can configure hanging space, drawers, and shelves in various arrangements to suit your needs. The champagne glass and oak finish lend a clean and elegant ambience to any room. Furthermore, you have the option to include numerous extras such as spotlights, interior drawers, a trouser holder, and more, making it a highly customizable storage solution.

Are sliding doors good for a wardrobe?

Sliding doors are an excellent choice for wardrobe design for several reasons. Firstly, they save space in comparison to outswing doors, as you don’t need additional clearance in front of the wardrobe. Moreover, sliding wardrobe doors are easy to open with one hand, which is convenient, especially when you’re carrying items to hang inside. Additionally, sliding door wardrobes provide a more streamlined and modern appearance in contrast to outswing alternatives.


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