General rules

  • Assembly is included in the price of all custom order items from Wiemann and Rauch.
  • The assembly price for stock items may vary; please refer to the product page for details.
  • Before our team arrives, please make sure to create as much space as possible in the room
  • Please make as much space as possible in the room before the arrival of our team (refer to How to prepare the room for wardrobe assembly).
  • When measuring the room please pay attention to radiators, shelves, door handles, handrails, wall fixtures, light fixtures, window sills, the height of the ceiling, and room accessibility.
  • If the room is not prepared, our team reserves the right to refuse installation and reschedule for a later date, with an additional charge of £50 for the secondary visit.
  • Assembly is scheduled on the same day as delivery and is performed by the same team.
  • In most cases, a team of 2 individuals will handle assembly, except for smaller items.
  • After the assembly service, the team will ensure the packaging is neatly bundled and ready to be moved to your disposal area.
  • Additionally, 2 extra years of warranty are included in the assembly price.
  • If you are unsure whether the desired wardrobe will fit in your space, please send us a photo, drawing, or plan of the room, along with measurements. Our technical team will assess and confirm the feasibility for you.

Clearance/space required for the assembly team

  • As standard, the minimum workspace needed to assemble all wardrobes:
    • wardrobe height + 5cm.
    • wardrobe width + 30cm.
    • wardrobe depth + 100cm.
  • The assembly team needs sufficient space to manoeuvre around the wardrobe to install its various components. Once the components are in place, they can then position the wardrobe carcass appropriately. While some wardrobes are built flat on the floor, the majority are assembled in an upright position (refer to Space required for the wardrobe assembly).

Clearance/space required for the actual wardrobe

  • CUSTOM wardrobes:
    • Top / Ceiling + 2cm – Hinged and Bi-folding doors.
    • Top / Ceiling + 5cm – Sliding doors.
    • Side / Width + 2cm.
  • STOCK wardrobes:
    • Top / Ceiling + 5cm.
    • Side / Width + 10cm.

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